Church Construction contractor Leighton McGinn Inc. completed the new church for Park Ridge Church in Coral Springs, Florida recently. Centrally located, ready to serve the community.

Leighton McGinn Inc. is a national general contractor and is a premiere church builder and school construction project management company. Leighton McGinn Inc. has developed a reputation for building not only churches and schools but relationships through consistent, quality, performance. Leighton McGinn Inc. has endeavored to provide a network of church building services, including building and architectural services for churches and schools in Florida.

Leighton McGinn Inc. has a combined portfolio of numerous churches, schools and colleges nationwide, and also has become a recognized leader in ministry design and construction. Leighton McGinn Inc. has also developed an unparalleled network of building services in the areas of architecture, and commercial construction. If you are in need of a complete building team for a church or school project im Florida, contact Leighton McGinn