Unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

“Setting The Standard” was the vision upon which Leighton McGinn was founded. A focused, never ending effort to set the standard for the construction industry has always been our company’s goal. To reach this goal it was determined that only a total commitment to your best interest would do. The results speak for themselves: Our Company is distinguished by the lasting relationships we have with our clients.

Focus on Quality

This total commitment is enhanced by a unique ability to listen to your needs as our client and then offer meaningful solutions, which are backed by years of diverse experience in the construction industry. Additional benefits include adding value to the projects by delivering the highest quality work while adhering to demanding construction schedules and staying within the agreed project budget.

Our Difference

What makes us different from the competition? Our well deserved reputation for consistently delivering superior results. The continued success of our construction projects has not happened by chance. Instead, success is a result of Leighton McGinn’s emphasis upon being a valued team player. Creating an atmosphere that fosters two-way communication using manpower, equipment and resources to maximum advantage. Minimizing risk to the client and to the project. Intensive management of two valuable resources: money and time. Above all and most importantly, we hold ourselves accountable to you, from beginning to end.

Our Guarantee – Leighton McGinn pledges to satisfy your needs and desires as a priority over other activities. Our Company name reflects our firms commitment to stand behind what we build.